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    Quite interested to hear from other parents how sporty they were at school, and how sporty their kids are.

    I never did any sport at school. I was in a very big school in Joburg, and quickly realised if you’re not very good you don’t get chosen anyway, so when we had compulsory sport I use to bunk. I did do ballet and tennis privately though, but not for very long.

    My husband on the other hand took part in almost everything (and excelled in it). Different athletics items, swimming, rugby etc. Broke records and got colours in sport.

    So now I’m watching how the kids are going to turn out. We are encouraging our daughter to take part in sport, and with their athletics I went ‘running’ with her so that she can see what she’s suppose to do. The 18 month old usually runs with, and both of them love being outside and active. They always choose being outside over the TV.




    Hi Rene – I was completely allergic to sport at school, and unfortunately ended up with a lifelong weight issue. But luckily my husband is more active, so our children are also active like him. I have also changed my ways a bit, but I regret not getting into an active lifestyle long ago.



    I stopped doing sport in high school when I developed huge boobs – I was not particularly good, but I do regret that now as I am a complete slob when it comes to excersize.  Hate it.

    My hubby was a average all rounder and still runs for fun.  My eldest have natural ability but he is very lazy.  My middle one is so keen and built for sport – but not very coordinated.  And my youngest is most like me – just not built for sport.

    I do insist that they do 1 sport – anything they like.  I keep telling them how hard it is as an adult to keep any form of fitness going.




    I passionately dislike exercise and until I started horseriding at the age of 30 I had never been physically active.  I recently bought an exercise bike to use on days when I don’t ride.  It’s a battle to use it but I try!  My husband is also not sporty, his major sporting activity in high school was to keep the cricket score. :-)

    My daughter isn’t into sport either.  She played some social tennis last year and will probably do so again this year, but she didn’t want to do any winter sport.  We try to keep her active by walking, cycle, trampolining etc.

    I bought her a new tennis racket towards the end of last term, and she used it the first time I asked her how the racket was.  Her reply: “It’s great!  I didn’t manage to hit any balls but the racket has such a nice swing…”.  Yup, another uncoordinated family member!



    I should maybe add that my husband now goes to boot camp and he cycles so he is at least setting a good example.  Ideally I would have like my daughter to take part in a team sport but it feels dishonest to force her since neither of her parents liked team sports.



    @Maria I really like your daughter’s attitude. It seems you have done a good job of keeping her positive towards sports – I know from experience that if you are uncoordinated it’s all too easy to become negative towards any physical activity.

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