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    My sister is a stepmom to a teen, and at this time of year it become a bit difficult. She would like to attend all the girl’s events like prize-giving, ballet performance and so on. But the girl’s biological mom is not happy for my sister to come, and wants only my sister’s husband (her ex) to be there. My sister is concerned more than the step-daughter will not know that she wanted to attend, and will think she doesn’t care. I had an idea that she should maybe make something special for her for breakfast the next day to celebrate after the prize-giving, or give her a card saying good luck with the ballet or something like that. Or do you all think even that would be too much?



    I think that it is up to the husband to make the call.  If he would like his wife with him, then she should go.  It sounds like bio mom is terribly insecure.  They should make it about the child, and what is in the best interest of the child, not about what the mom wants.  That is petty and unfortunate.



    Sounds like the bio mom is very insecure. Could be that she still wants to be with the dad and is intimidated by step mom. So what if the dad wants to bring her, its his wife & she is also a part of the child’s life. They dont have to sit next to each other. . Bio mom should think of the child & not herself.



    It is hard enough for most people to get along with step kids. If step mom and the child have grown to accept eachother, and the child wants her there, then in no way should the bio mom even be considered. In instances such as these the kids always get stuck in the middle and they feel obligated to like/dislike the other party. If everyone involved attends prize-givings etc. and just make an effort to just get along then the child is also being taught how to handle possibly difficult situations.

    The adults in her life could either make life unbearable-(now, when she needs guidence the most) or show her how fortunate she is to have to women who care about her deeply.

    In doing this she will know that if mom is not currently approachable, then it’s ok to chat to step mom about things.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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