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    Kikis Mom

    I’m a single parent to an 11 month old little girl.

    At 3 months I had to come back to work and I got so busy I didn’t always have time to express, at 7 months I finally had to give up breastfeeding and put my LG on formula. Everything went well, she adapted easily. At 7 months she also weaned herself off her dummy. At first I thought this was amazing until she started to substitute her bottle for her dummy – this means she constantly sucks on her bottle throughout the night – this also means that she was going through about 4 bottles a night and 2 during the day. At her 10 month check up my midwife was happy with her growth but suggested I cut back on the bottles – only the recommended 4 bottles a day. Mostly this worked out but there was still the odd night when she wanted more.

    This past weekend we moved up to Stage 3. Recommended feeds: 2-3 a day. This is not working out. She has one in the morning and one at lunchtime and again at bedtime and then she wakes up at 1.00 every morning looking for a bottle. I’ve tried giving her water (which she loves during the day) but she will not go back to sleep without her milk bottle. The result is I am now functioning on a totoal of 12 hours sleep since Saturday.

    What do I do?? I tried to offer her a dummy last night (out of sheer desperation) but she thinks its some sort of noise maker and spent an hour flicking it back and forth. I tried to rock her to sleep but she was not interested and kept throwing herself back. Eventually at 4 this morning (half an hour before I needed to get up to come to work) I made her a bottle – she giggled and grabbed it and was asleep within seconds – 20 minutes later the bottle was almost empty, she was fast asleep and I was so exhausted I just cried.

    People say I should just ride it out.. Just stay strong and in a few days she will be fine but I can’t. I work long hours and I’m so busy during the day I can’t afford to be mentally exhausted and emotional.

    There’s no one else to get up with her in the night. What do I do?




    Oh my, I hear you!!! I too went through the same phase with my first daughter. I too, am I proud mommy of also an 11 month old little girl, and my other daughter is almost 6 years old.

    Shame, I know what you are going through, and the lack of sleep does not help at all either. Has she always been this way, or could it be that it also comforts her? Maybe she is cutting more teeth? I’ve found that my baby girl gets extremely fussy when she is teething. It is just a phase, and I wouldn’t worry too much about how many bottles she drinks a day. I used to make a bottle and leave it in her cot and she’d find it eventually.

    Perhaps keep trying her with the dummy, I know it’s not a good thing but at least she would be able to comfort herself with something other than a full milk bottle. Maybe put some gripe water on the dummy? Just a thought?

    It is most likely a phase, and it will pass.

    Good luck, and big hugs!!!



    Shame, I really feel for you. There are a couple of things you could do, as you sleep is important for you to take care of yourself and your daughter:

    1. Try substituting her lunch time bottle for a juice bottle and giving her lunch time milk bottle at night. Leave it in her cot and she will find it when she wakes. Less disturbance for your sleep.

    2. Feed her supper a little later or give her a snack just before bedtime if she is waking for hunger at 1am.

    3. However, I think it is a comfort thing that has become a habit. So offer her a toy, or another substitute. Glycerine for babbies from Clicks is thicker and they take longer to suck it off their dummies. The sucking might help sooth her back to sleep.

    4. What about a juice bottle in her cot if you dont want to offer more milk?

    5. To catch up on your sleep, is it possible to take the afternoon or day off from work, leave your daughter in day care and go home for some sleep and fetch her later. Don’t feel guilty – you are trying to be the best mother you can be! Hang in there, it is tough sometimes.

    6. Sleep training. To be done over the weekend or holidays as you will be DRAINED the next day. Refuse bottles at night, explain to her beforehand that she must sleep or doo doo, whatever words you use with her. Pat her, soothe her, offer a soft toy or dummy. But NO BOTTLE. She will cry for a while and it will take a few days, but eventually she will break the habit and sleep through. Is her cot next to your bed? Can you pat her in her cot while you are dozing?

    I sleep trained my very stubborn toddler at around 2 years of age. Took 3 nights and we never looked back. This was after I survived on energade at work!!




    Baby girl, i must admit have been an absolute STAR!you came for help and i will salute you MOM …LET this be your comfort, and  i must i agree with MEMBER, the swop your angels botties could work hey, well a, im sitting with a 11 mnth old boy and he is sleeping straight threw most days, but then sometimes when he wants to play or drink at i mean, 00:00 o clock or 01:00, then im exhausted then i feel like climbing up the walls, thinking I came from work tired  you are the main bread winner and you got to be fresh and perform at work level too, but my honey you  have done it all on your own, you will get that sleep hang while you can , and try train her especially over your OFF AND LEAVE DAYS, before too long, you will get it, just remind yourself that that little bundle grows as we speak and will sleep longer or threw at night.

    The swopping of juice, as long as it has as little sugar in as possible, you dont want to sit with a wrotten teeth problem agen hey, the glyerine is good as well because thats good for the childs inner mouth too, im just lil worried about her  sucking while sleeping that wind that suppose to come out, come moms help us here, i know and she will sleep threw without laying down with a bottie, what about making her a nice thick smoothy, that contains say,,,


    Oats are a rich-source of the sleep-inviting melatonin” A small bowl of oatmeal with a little milk will help toddlers sleep better at night. One or two oatmeal raisin cookies with a glass of milk is a good alternative, as well.

    l Bananas are another easy bedtime snack option. Modernmom.com states that “bananas contain melatonin and serotonin which help to calm you and regulate your sleep cycles. They also contain a healthy dose of magnesium which acts as a natural muscle relaxant.” Instead of plain bananas, another option is to prepare a banana smoothie with a banana, some low-fat milk and a few cubes of ice. The calcium and tryptophan in the milk will enhance the sleep-inducing effects of the melatonin and serotonin.

    Hang in there you are threw the worst, STRONGS!


    Kikis Mom

    So sorry I’m only replying now.


    Thank you so much for all your advice – we seem to be over the milk issue – we tried juice or tea for her lunchtime nap but she refused so I asked my mom to make her a 100ml bottle at lunchtime and then we do 3 bottles at night – 2 during the night and one at 6 the next morning. So far so good.

    Sherry: Nice to see a familiar name!! I was on the pregnancy chatroom as Nicci. How is your baby??

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