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    I have been trying  conceiving over 2 years now, I have been using depo injection for contraception for 6 months and went to the gynacologists for check ups and she tested my hormones positive so then went for a clean up to bring back my periods and then she gave me furtomid pills for me to be fertile, that didnt work and then she gave me staminogro of which I am currently using, but my problem now is my periods keep changing dates and my cycles are 20 days or 26 days not 28 days, so now just want to know if there is something else to do for me to have regular periods.



    Hi Lihle – I don’t know anything about this stuff, but I just want to wish you all the best, hopefully it comes right and you can conceive that second little one soon.



    i have same problem but i was using nur-instrate for 4 years, and it took 2 months for my periods to return but were irrugular for just 4 months then after they went back to normal 26-28 days cycle. but i have been trying to concieve naturally since then its been a year now. I went to gynae and did all the check were normal. So im gonna wait for another 6 month then i’ll try medication.



    Sarah Jane

    Hi There,

    Have you tried Kinesiology?  I have often found that there are real underlying issues where by we self sabotage ourselves out of the very thing we want most.  Recentley I had a client who was really worried about the weight gain issue, her first husband had teased her unmercifully that she had put on weight and her body never returned to her original shape and this was now a major problem with her second marriage pregnancy.  After a few sessions she is quite happily pregnant.  Good luck to both Lilhe and pas.


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