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    Hi girls! (and guys :-) ) Ok, I really need some support here.. Since having my 2 little girls I have gained 18kg! Pre-babies I weighed 50kg.. I know I will never get there again, but I at leat want to get to 55-58kg. I need some motivation and support. I come here everyday to read about how good (somethimes not so good, hehe) all of you are doing, Can”t we make a ” club”  that we join by sharing our info and updating say every second day? I am 31 and seems the older I get, the more I am struggling to get this extra pounds off.. What do ya say??



    Great idea Lily, hope you get some takers for your support group.



    Hi Lily, we need to stay focus, I’m also struggling with my weight, but I know that  eating healthy and exercising makes wonders. count me in in the club.



    Hi Lily, I had managed to lose 18kgs within the 1st 6weeks after the birth of my baby and only had 7kg more to go. Hopelessly I have put on 6kgs and have decided to get back on the diet that helped me shed it all in the first place. So count me in!



    I have not had any babies recently, but, after divorce last year September, I let myself go very badly and put on lots of weight I am now trying to lose.  I cant diet, so I have just put my mind to eating less and doing some exercise.  So far, I am 900 grams short of 10 kilos. 

    I identified when it is Iover eat,  and I can tell you I eat when I am alone or lonely, sad, depressed.  So, when I am in one of those ” moods” I tell myself that I acknowledge my feelings, but, I am not going to allow myself to do damage to myself in any way because I am not feeling at my best.  It really helps me to do do that.  I also, whenever I feel for something and I know I am not hungry, I tell myself what my body really needs is water, and I have that instead. 

    I also don’t keep sin foods in the house as much as I can, so that when I do get tempted, it’s an effort to go and get “something nice” 

    Wish you all good luck.



    Hi all – I wish I could report some progress, but really I don’t seem to be able to move forward. It seems all I do is make a resolution every Sunday night, that is broken on Monday night. *sigh*



    I joined weigh-less after struggling with my post pregnancy weight and I am shedding kilos week after week. it’s worth a try



    hey lily. i also have twins.ive joined curves and doing so great.i`ve lost 5kgs since january.its all about eating healthy and exercising.i jst went3 times a week for 30 mins n of course drink lots of water



    count me in Lilly-i also want to loose about 5kg and im struggling to loose it….if there anyone who has a diet plan that i can maybe follow please send it to me email adr is



    Here is what is working for me. When I dish up I’ll take only one spoon of whatever starch we have with the meal (rice or potato). I’m not cutting it out completely because the moment I do that I just crave it. The rest of my meal will stay the same, a protein and vegetables. If I’m hungry or craving something after a meal I’ll snack on peanut butter (no, not the whole bottle) or avo. Be careful of too much fruit.

    Exercise – aerobic type exercise like jogging/bicycle etc is just going to make you eat more than you can burn up again. Rather do exercises with weights even light ones or exercises like lunges, squats and planks etc. And remember if you do exercise it does not give you a license to eat whatever you want.

    Who else has tips that works for them?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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