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    Hello, hello!



    Pressed enter by mistake, sorry!

    We stay with her, for a few years now. She doesnt seem to want to stay with her mom and it doesnt look like she is looking for her own place, well anytime soon. She is working bt doesnt contribute to anything. The only house chores she does is wash dishes, at least lately she cooks when she’s off. When she”s off, she’d spent most of the day in the bedroom. 

    I’ve talked to her brother abt this bt it feels like he”s nt listening.

    Am I a bad person for thinking that she must move out? It has been long and to be honest, am fed up. These leaves me very angry and am tired of feeling like this.

    how do I get hubby to put himself in my shoes????



    Hi Mpase 101 – What a difficult situation for you. But I honestly think she needs to contribute more fully to the household, both financial and when it comes to chores. You will need to sit down with your husband and explain that it’s not personal, but you don’t want your home treated like a free hotel. Maybe sit down with a pen and paper first, and make clear notes of what you think would make things more fair. All the best, hope you can make it work for all of you.



    Does she pay rent?




    Nope, nothing! She doesnt pay rent. She doesnt contribute to ANYTHING, not a loaf of bread (not even for sandwiches she does for breakfast @ work) or a 1l box of milk, not washing soap. AND, she still takes a lunchbox as well, everyday.  Her salary is for her own expenses (toiletery, transport to work, clothes, dont know what else) only. This woman is well over 25yrs old, going for 30. 


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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