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    I am married, met & slept with this guy on the 22nd of March this year with a condom but he did put it in without a condm then I stoped him and he put a condom on, now, I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant, is there any chance at all that the baby could be his or is it my husband’s child? If this child is not his and we continue with ths guy now that I am pregnant, and should we decide to stop using condoms what are the chances of my child having this guy’s resemblances as he will be sperming on me continously We are separated with my husband and on divorce procedures due to our unresovable problems.



    Once you are pregnant, no amount of sperm can change the genes your baby has, or how it will turn out looking. If you had sex without a condom, even for a short while, there is a chance it is his baby. But hopefully he is a good person who will not be negative about the baby, even if it doesn’t look like him.



    Contrary to what (self appointed) angels may say.  Consider termination as you are scrawed bith ways:

    If husbands – You become single mom of new babby; new fights with husband over new mantanance.

    If new guy: Do you want to remain connected to someone who cheated you to have a kid though you tried protection?
    This will be a point against you during the divorce proceedings. Of course only public perception of you will be influenced.

    Then you will come with your lousy statement “But I love this new guy” while my question is “does he love you enough as well”




    Amasi, you are missing the point/question.

    I am asking what are the odds of my new partner having impregnanted me while when I found out I am preg, It was only 2 weeks since we met and the sonar said I am 5 weeks pregnant. second question if the baby is my husband’s and because I am continuing sleeping with this guy without a condom, how are the odds of the baby having this new guy’s resemblences and all ??

    I am aware of all risks involved with not using a condom and all so you dont have to tell me about that. but let us focus on the questions at hand.



    I get you.

    In short, there is no way any of his (new guy) resemblence can take effect; (remember the joke of new guy adding his feet or ears, that was a joke).

    When we were young in townships playing with dogs, we used to notice a puppies to be different and we would notice who was the father of each dog. Guess what, each puppy would not take half of dog A and dog B excluding the mother. I think this may have influence on your fears.

    In my previous post, I thought that I should give another information not asked.



    Hi Bullbrand

    I saw something on DSTV (I forgot chanell as it is my lady who was watching and I just saw a story) on Sunday night where they were discussing Twins that are not same race. This happens on mix race parents where one twin is black, the other is more coloured or more whiter then I thought of Your question. Yes, those were strange cases, apparently the channel on Sunday evining likes to play strange birth cases.

    Then I raised your question to my lady just to get her understanding. She agreed with me that the baby takes the DNA of the single father then here comes a Bombshell:

    She said there were instances where a lady who just concieved with A and then sleps with B while ovulating again (as you know it almost doesnt happen to ovulate when pregnant) then she concieve with B thus she carry twins of two people. She said to havee seen it in the same program but I have never seen it nor imagine it.

    This was just giving you useless information on your question in case you discover it to be twins.


    Amasi: It is sour but you can drink it

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