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    So I hooked up with a guy 3 days ago. There was ejaculation and not I”m having slight pinkish brown discharge and minor cramps. I don”t have regular periods and am on no type of birth control. Could I be pregnant?



    Unprotected sex always carries a risk of pregnancy and of STI exposure, so it’s best to visit the doctor or clinic to see what’s causing your symptoms.



    Shame man, you must be worried. It could be a bit early to know if you are pregnant or not, but I think it’s just as important is to make sure you have not picked up an infection. Best you go to the doctor.



    Oh no, this happened to a friend of mine, best you go and get yourself tested asap. And pickup some condoms, a girl always has to be prepared, be safe for next time.



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    You are worried too quickly. Most women don’t even know hey are pregnant until they miss they second period from inception. This means you might be pregnant and still get your period afterwards. You need to go see a gynaecologist to make sure you don’t have other problems. The worst you can do is to panic.





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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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