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    Hi all

    My husband and I have been married for 5 years.  We have two toddlers.  Since the kids were born we didn’t really pay attention to each other as we did before  we had kids.  We don’t celebrate anything except the kids birthdays, and as time went by our relationship started feeling the pressure.  We had a good long talk about it and decided that we need to work on this again, starting with celebrating our birtdays and other special events.  This brings me to nice ideas for a valentines gift for my husband.  Any ideas on the subject?

    We are  not spending lots of money on this so a special little gift is better than having to struggle month end because we spent to much.  Any ideas?



    The best this you could ever buy him is a book called “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. You can get it at most bookstores like Exclusive Books for around R150


    You will never regret it. But you must read it yourself when he’s done it.



    No-one knows him like you do, so we can’t really tell you what the ideal gift is. Well done on your decision, though, I think it will be very good for your relationship to focus on each other as well as the children. One idea is to get him tickets to something he enjoys, and to go along and have a great time watching him enjoy it. Maybe a music concert that’s his favourite band, or something like car races, or well… the ballet or whatever he thinks is a very special night out. Oh or a friend of mine bought her husband something where he got to drive fast cars on a race track, like an advanced driving course, which he loved. Let us know what you decide on.



    how about making him some vouchers for some alone time: a foot massage etc?

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