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    We found out that my wife is bregnant 2 months back everything was fine with her,one day it was my time to go to work  and she told me she is not feeling well i tall here to go to the doctor when i come back she sad the doctor sad she must relax most of the time  and I saw the medication.after two weeks ,it was at night when she say something is wrong in her stomac i told her to go to the doctor in the morning when I come back from work  she was crying and telling me we lost our baby.

    After two days I went to see the Doctor so he can explain to me what happend.the Doctor told me that my wife never come to the Doctor on that Days,he even showed me the file it was only the day we found out she is pregnant.

    I also check medical aid statement she never went to the Doctor.

    When I ask her she cry and say she does not want to talk about her baby

    I dont know what heppend with our baby

    Can anyone help me to solve this problem,I think my wife is hiding something

    please help



    It sounds like something very upsetting happened. Only your wife can really tell you what. Is there maybe a sister or mother in the family who can support her and might be able to get the truth out of her in a gentle, caring way?



    Was she really pregnant?  Do you know that for sure?

    A miscarriage is a very traumatic thing to go through, and would definitely involve going to hospital to have a dnc, where they clean your womb out.  This is done under anaesthetic.  Somebody would have had to take her and bring her home again, and she would have been booked off work for a period of time. 

    I agree with you,  it would seem something is being hidden, but if she wont talk, it will be challenge finding out what.  Maybe try talking again in a few days.

    Good luck.



    Hi, I had a miscarriage at 6/7 weeks. It is devastating. I did tell my husband as he was with me when it happened. We did not tell anyone else for more than a year.

    It happend on a Saterday evening and we went to emergency services at our local hospital. I was not booked off at all. And did not had to go for any prosedures afterwards. I saw my gyne 2 weeks later to make sure that all was fine.

    All this happend nearly 4 years ago. And still, everytime I hear the word miscarriage I want to break out in tears. It still hurts. And I dont think it will ever stop hurting.

    I bonded with my baby the moment I first knew I was pregnant – before any test were done – the blood test were only confirmation. It did not matter that I was pregnant for such a short time, because a mothers love is immediately and unconditionally.



    hi Dan

    i also had a miscarriage 3 years ago and i can tell you its not a walk in the park or something u just forget. i now have a 3 year old son, he may have closed the gap. from what i’m gathring, there is an issue of trust in your marriage, i doubt anybody would lie about having a miscarriage unless she aborted the baby and didnt want it in the first place. give her some time mayb she will tell you what really happened when she is ready. good luck!

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