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    Hello everyone!

    So as you know I was due in December. We eventually decided on 18 Dec for the c-seciton date, and truth be told, I have a very straight forward birth story! Everything went really well :-)

    Arrived at the hospital at 05:00am, and went into theatre at 08:45. By 09:15 my beautiful Son was born at a healthy weight of 3kg. The spinal block was painless, and although my blood pressure dropped so low that I almost passed out, by the time the adrenalin kicked in I was in another world. The entire procedure was great. Everyone was laughng and chatting in theatre, and it was really an awesome experience. The only pain I had was that evening when I had a few contractions – but the pain meds are AWESOME!!!! hahahaha… The actual procedure was so quick, and sooo much better than my first c-section. My recovery has been really good. My doctor is brilliant – she even managed to do the procedure in such a way that I had absolutely no swelling on my tummy at all, my tummy is completely flat. I am fully recovered already, and up and about as if nothing happened.

    Having a son is the most incredible experience in the world. It is so different to having a daughter! My daughter is my absolute pride and joy, but having a son also brings out a different kind of love… it”s so hard to explain??

    Anway, he is now 2 weeks old already and he is such an angel. He sleeps so well, he feeds like a champion, abnd he never ever cries! He really is the total opposite of my first child. And my daughter just loves her little brother :-)



    Wow, thanks for sharing, sounds like you and your doctor did a great job!



    Congratulations!  May your son continue to bring  joy and love.



    Hi Nini,

    Congratulations on the birth of your son. It is so good & refreshing to hear everything went well. Im really happy for you.

    Enjoy your little boy, he sounds like a dream :)



    Congrats hun!

    So glad to hear things went as planned! Enjoy every minute with him, they really grow so fast!



    Hi – Only saw this now, CONGRATS! How are things going?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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