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    Hi Ladies, I am 15wks pregnant with my 2nd and I am more than ecstatic!!! However I have an MIL that irritates the hell out of me. She spoke to me twice after finding out abt the pregnancy and not once!!! did she acknowledge it. I feel like me husband is not giving me my place as his wife. eg. found out she is getting a household appliance for Xmas, where as I have been moaning for months for a few items that I so desperately need, like a bed, which I have been told that we dont have money for right now…I feel so betrayed by DH as it seems that he is married to his mother…I am so angry and sad right now and not sure what to do abt the whole situation, this has been going on for a long time now…any words of advice? Not sure I can take this anymore…



    you need to sit down and tell him calmly how you feel.pray over your situation and go for counselling if it doesn`t get MIL caused my divorce .he even asked me what to buy fir her on….Valentines day …..and nothing for also have to talk to her about things bothering you and always remain calm.




    Hi AK – Your husband is the person you need to communicate with here. You didn’t marry his mother.  If you find it hard to talk to him, maybe write a letter to him, but do try to understand that the loyalty and love he gives her comes from a very loving place. Good luck, I have every sympathy for you putting up with stress is not something you need when you are already handling a pregnancy and a little one.



    Wow! You have my sympathy. I battled with a similar situation many years ago, in that hubby let MIL ‘rule the roost’. She thought nothing of disrupting my household, and when I complained to hubby, he told me I ‘must respect her, she’s older than you, and we have to respect our parents’. When she ‘got too much’ for me, I’d go away for a few hours to a friend. I wouldn’t have coped without her and her hubby’s support. One day, they had hubby without me, and took their chance. Hubby was given examples of how MIL was treating me in public and told it was not on, his wife was his first priority. Very gradually, he started to tell her to stop her interfering. A month ago, we celebrated our 39th anniversary. I did try to tell MIL that she was hurting me, but it took a long time and many ‘talks’ before she started being more considerate. I wish you the very best, and hope you manage to work this through. God bless

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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