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    Fancy Face

    Hi Ladies!

    Could we maybe begin by posting what we eat everyday???



    I had a slice of wholegrain for Breakfast, will have peach, plum and pawpaw for lunch and green salad and beef strips.



    Great idea! So far so good today, I had some spanspek and oats with a few raisins for breakfast.



    I had yoghurt  (fat free) for breakfast, and will have chicken salad for lunch. In-between I will have a fruit and some rice cakes. That’s the plan anyways. I am on the TLC for wellbeing eating programme, and it works well as long as you stick to it 100%!



    Hi Ninni – Sounds like a good plan. I started with oats this morning with some raisins, and I have some veggie soup packed for lunch with wholewheat toast. I also have a couple of nectarines in case I get peckish before then.



    I didn’t start to bad…organic oats and a banana for breakfast. But then it’s going downhill from there. The leftover pizza from last night, but I’m blaming Cosatu for that one because I was stuck in traffic for so long (the toll road strike/march) that I just ordered pizza.



    @Rene I had a good laugh at you blaming the  March for the pizza! Sometimes circumstance just won’t let us follow our plans. Tomorrow we start afresh.



    My breakfast is always cereal or soft porridge,snack with a fruit/nuts,lunch is always a salad with a piece of chicken then a fruit salad for A snack then dinner is meat&vegwaters glass off water.but I’m also struggling to stick to the plan.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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