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    Kikis Mom

    Hello girls,

    What types of foods do you or did you feed your 11 month old?

    Kiki is still a little sensitive with solids and often prefers to swallow something whole (if she doesn’t spit it out straight away),

    I’m running out of idea’s.

    I’d like to make meal times fun – mostly because we don’t get much time together during the week.



    Hi there;

    My little girl has just turned 1 and she’s eating almost everything.

    I give her, her Nestle Cerelac still in the morning and snacks in between, for lunch she’s still on purity (fruit or yoghurt), and then for dinner depends on what we are having. She likes to hold her own food and feed herself, so I’ll give her a piece of chicken, or lamb or meat and she’ll chew it bit by bit. She only has 6 teeth though so I can’t give her too much of lumpy food if she can’t chew it.

    She also likes to help herself, grab things off my plate while I’m eating. But I’m teaching her not to, and she actually listens to me. Its so cute :)

    Perhaps also try some macaroni and cook it very soft.

    Good luck!!!



    Hello visitors,

    There is a very simple idea that we just timely and have proper diet , so that you need not to get worried about anything.


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    Kikis Mom

    Thanx for the replies..

    Sherry – are you a stay  at home mom or a working mom.

    Your LG sounds adorable!

    Is she walking?



    Unfortunately not, I work full time. From Monday to Friday from 8 – 5 and sometimes Saturdays. I also feel that I have very limited time to spend with her. Can’t believe she is already 1 though, they grow so fast. And every day becoming more and more independent. Gone are the days where I could just hold her on my chest and watch her sleep, sniff sniff :(

    No, she’s not walking yet. She will hold my hand and walk with me, but won’t walk on her own yet. She also does her own version of crawling. Bum crawling as I like to put it, she’ll scoot along on her bottom while her feet pull her forward. Spoke to the pediatrician he said there’s nothing to worry about.

    How is your little one, is she walking, and taking? When is her birthday?


    Kikis Mom

    Hi Sherry,

    My LG is a year old – her birthday was on 1 February.

    She is just starting to walk – cutest thing I have ever seen. I just want to eat her.

    She’s also talking – random words and she jumbles them all up with baby talk and has long conversations with herself or her toys or the cats or the dogs.

    Everything is a cellphone… shoes, a tootbrush, even food.

    I love watching her grow and learn.. she fascinates me :D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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