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    My sister thinks she’s pregnant. She had unprotected sex on October 27 (around the time she was ovulating, but her period is irregular).  She took an emergency contraceptive (Plan B) on October 31 as well. I know that implantation occurs 10 to 14 days after conception, but before that (since 5 days after conception), she started feeling bloated, her back broke out (with acne), she felt tired (not unusually tired though) and on November 6, her nipples started hurting. She usually gets some of these symptoms about 1 week to 2 weeks before her period. On November 8, she wiped and got some pink in her discharge (it was a very very very light pink, almost clear). The same thing happened on November 9, but it never appeared on her underwear and it only happened once during the day. I was wondering if she is pregnant and is the pink discharge due to implantation bleeding. Also, how is the spotting from implantation supposed to look like (the pattern of spotting) because she’s not sure what the spotting is supposed to look like. Also, does the emergency contraceptive have a part in all of this. Another thing is that the bloating is starting to go away, her nipples hurt less, and she doesn’t feel tired as much and she’s supposed to get her period on November 13 (but her periods are irregular).



    I think this is u…. *hiding* sorry.



    Purple23, no-one can tell her without a test. So why not go to the pharmacy and get a home pregnancy test. They are very accurate these days. Let us know!



    Hi Purple,

    The emmergency conceptive will defenately affect her period!

    However, with both my pregnancies I suspected I was pregnant within a day or two after having intercourse – two weeks before period were due. Different signs with both, but clear enough!

    I guess she would have to do a test.


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