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    hello all

    it is a bit too quit around here i was on the weight loss forum on health 24 before and i lost 30 kg bevcuse of the motivation and encouragement i received from the guys there! please can we do the same here? i really would like to finish this and start mentaining i have plateaud for the past year!\, and i wana start fresh for this year.





    Hi Shasha – Well done on losing 30kg, that must have taken a lot of hard work and dedication. I have more weight to lose than you, but I am struggling to get started. Every day I think: “Today’s the day” but then by 8pm I am snacking again. I am going to try again today, somehow I do think it would help to have support on this forum.



    Hey Carol, thank you it did take a lot of dedication i fell and got back on a few times! how much weight doyou need to lose? we can help each other out i cant seem to focus like before but i beleive if i have support from people with similar problems i can do it! are you on a specif diet plan?



    It’s a long story, basically I also lost 30kg some years ago but I have put on 20 of it again.  I did it by eating low fat and high fibre, so that is what I would like to try again. One thing that is good, I started exercising regularly (nothing too hectic) and I have kept that up, so at least, although I am fat I am still fairly fit. How about you and I agree just to get through this one day sticking to our plans (what is your eating plan?).


    Phumzile Skosana

    I also want to lose some weight as well I was going well I guess I fell off the wagon like 10 minutes ago then I relised that I will not be able to do this alone. I even tried the maple syrup diet it worked but I am suffering the most severe side effects. I have suddenly developed an Ulcer problem. I do not have a specific plan only fruits and vege’s. I need to have a gym routine I cannot seem to get that right.




    How does one go about doing this, loosing weight, I’m very frustrated and I really do need to loose some, and 10kg would be ideal. Please assist



    GUYS i think from all the information we gwt from all over, internet books mags! we should be health gurus by know but we fall so many times and take our bosies through so much abuse its not health! i am on a low carb low fat diet i just count my colories i know i need 1745 calories a day to lose 10kg in 5 months and that is resonable but to start is a problem my mind is my worst enemy! we need the corrrect mental attitude!!!! i use to motivate my self by saying i wanna look good naked to be able to look at myself in the mirrior with just my birthsay suit on and go DAMN I AM SEXY! Lol Drinking a lot of water green teas and some excirses should be a norm for every human being! we should be able to do this with no hustle but  its not case!

    i wish all a possitive attituted, i am very competetive so i  look at all the wonderfull people who have made it and i say to myself i shall not be beatin by the likes of her! lol what does she have that i dont! nothing its all in the mind yoll SO LETS STOP DEFETING OURSELVES AND START HEALING OUR BODIES BY EATING HEALTHY AND WORKING OUT ITS NOT THAT HARD YOU FAIL YOU GET UP AGAIN LEAVE THE NAGETIVE MENTALITY BEHINMD JUST SAY I AM HUMAN AND I WILL LOSE THE WIEGHT FOR MY HEALTHY AND HAPPINESS!


    LETS GOOOO!!!!


    Fancy Face

    Hi Ladies

    I would also like to loose some weight with all the help i can get!!!




    Hi I need to lose 10 to 15 kg but i need a strict diet because when i try to eat veggies and fruits i end up being bored. I think its better if i have a diet that i can follow for every day of the week.




    Everybody always wants to lose weight me included, it is all about lifestyle….I have tried diets and see other people try diets, for me they just don’t work, you always end up gaining back the weight.  I say eat what you feel like when you feel like it, just don’t overeat, if you feel like chocolate, have it but just have one piece don’t have the whole slab.    Don’t be silly and eat donuts etc for breakfast lunch or supper.  Have breakfast (cereal or bacon and egg) have a small lunch and a small dinner, try leave the carbohydrates at night, have them for lunch rather, also change your plate size and your portions size and don’t eat after 7 pm.  Well I try not eat after 6 pm.  If you deprive yourself of what you feel like you gonna just end up craving it and then eating more of it at a later stage.  Exercise is a must as well even if it is just 10 minutes per day to start.  Okay so that is my two cents worth.  Hope it helps. I try everyday to eat healthy and on the weekend if I feel like having something not so good, I have it.



    Hi everyone! From my experience there is no magic diet. Everyone’s bodies are different – you need to find something that works for you, and crash diets are dangerous. I lost 15kg last year by following the TLC for wellbeing programme. I can recommend it. I have gained 5 again, which I am now trying to lose.

    Good luck!



    The first and foremost thing to follow is to prepare a plan for your diet, like a timeline, where you’ll mark what you want to achieve in what period of time. Plan your diet also in a way which includes healthy diet, good amount of work out, weekend outings as well. In order to get a healthy body you should have a happy mind.

    Always keep your diet healthy, manage the time of your meals, if you have your meals on time that would help your metabolism. Include a lot of vegetables in your diet, they are high in fiber content and low in calories, that is just what your body needs. Skipping meals is not a healthy option for a diet, skipping meals don’t help you lose weight, they weaken you, make you dizzy, and increases stress on you. Stress is never good for your, especially at the time of dieting, it makes it more difficult to stay on one. Most of the times in stress we wound up eating junk food, munching on snacks and that make a lot of difference. Snacking should not be there, only proper meals on proper time.

    Stock your house with fruits and vegetables, whenever you feel hungry other than your meal timings rather than resorting to snacks, eat a fruit, or a light salad. You should go according to your appetite; keeping yourself hungry won’t solve anything. This is where fast diet pills come to use, they lower your appetite and boost your metabolism. You gain all the nutrients required from the food, and don’t feel hungry very often.



    I totally agree with the above.  Not only is the surgery extremely dangerous, you can just put it all on again anyway.  My mom did this many years ago, and I am convinced that is where her cancer started, because it was after that she picked up all her health problems. 

    I lost 12 kilos with only exercise, zero diet, but I will admit, I exercise quite hard and thus burn more than I eat.  Even when I do over eat, which is every second day, it does not matter.  Even though I dont lose, I don’t pick up either.  Exercise is now a way of life for me.  I would hate to think what would happen if I ever stopped.



    The main thing is to get your diet under control. And help your body get rid of the undesired fat by exercising and burning it. Some things that can help are taking vitamin C, helps you balance the cortisol your body creates under stress and it also makes carnitine, this will help you burn fat faster.

    Avoid white carbohydrates – bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, and fried food with breading. If you avoid eating anything white, you’ll be in good shape. Get tons of sleep in order to keep levels of ghrelin low, which increases appetite, and decreases leptin, the protein hormone that tells you when you’re full.

    There is that way. I have close relatives whom could not adhere to the regiment and they found out about Zerona laser treatment. Which is working for them now.

    Hope this serves of some useful information.

    God Bless



    I lost more than 10kg with weigh less. But now I am busy and i don’t have time to go for my weekly weigh ins. I’m tempted to start using duromine

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