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    So where is everyone and how is everyone?

    5 days to go for me. Must say I am way better off at home than I’ve been at work. Feels like I can go for another month now. All the aches and pains are way better. My feet isn’t swollen anymore, can hardly believe it!

    Dying of heartburn though.

    So how is the other fairies doing?





    Gald to hear you’re having a nice time at home :-)


    I officially have 2 days left – looking forward to 2 weeks at home.  Went for our scan yesterday, baby weighing 2.7kg already – that’s how much my daughter weighed when she was born!


    It’s been crazy here at work trying to finish everything, but today I can finally see the end of the list and I am takng it easy for the first time in weeks.  Actually have time to read the news today!  So tomorrow will be nic and chilled too, and Friday will be even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You  must be nervous for next week?  Sorry about the heartburn, I can only sympathise.  Not a day goes by that I dont suffer with this Hernia that causes terrible heartburn, so I know the drill.  Best thing I can suggest is to drink Zantac – works like a bomb!


    Tried to finish baby’s room this weekend, but thanks to the shops here in KZN I couldnt find everything I needed!  So at least the cot is up, the new curtains, his toiletries and nappies are sorted, all his clothes are sorted… So now just to finish the last few decorating things and to pack our hospital bag, and then we’re sorted.  But that’s on my to-do list for my 2 weeks off.  Oh and to have the pram washed!!!!  Oh noy, not looking forward to that….



    Hi Amy! Great to hear you are feeling better…. only 5 days to go – sound so SOON!

    Me too! We had some rain and a break in the high temperatures on Saturday and I could actually wear shoes!!! Since Saturday I am feeling much better! I told p[eople on Saturday if the weather stays like that I could be pregnant for 3 months more.

    Saturday evening my tummy shifted – much lower…. since then I can turn around without any aches and pains and I am now sleeping like a baby! Have more energy when I wake up (because I actually slept!)

    Baby is still active….. my feet are still swollen – but I am wearing mens slippers to work this week so it does not hurt anymore! (Do you think I should buy a second pair of mens slippers for hospital?)

    Also this morning the heartburn is back again!

    I was born with lots of dark hair (mom had no heartburn) but I am wishing now that this baby looks a bit like me. I dont know who LG takes after – she does not look like me or her dad….

    I washed some of baby’s clothes – up to 3 months – and not all LG’s winter stuff because I doubt I’ll need it…. but at last I have some clean clothes if I need to hurry to hospital.

    Lost my list from the hospital with what I need to pack, so I now have to get myself to drive 4km get out of my car and ask for a new list….. perhaps next week when I am at home. This week everything is a rush with so much to do before I finish work….

    We still have to buy 3 Christmas presents – wish DH would just go on his own! And I have to get him a small surprise as he chose his own gift…. dont know when as I hate going to the shops! Wil net val met hierdie pantoffels – dis glad op die winkelvloere!!!

    Guess what! I am more than 8 months pregnant – I am allowed to let the hormones complain a little!??



    Oh Nini – thank you thank you thank you. I’ve totally forgotten about the pram! Must get that washed before the weekend!

    @Annie – I think you’re allowed to be hormonal now – I sure am. Think it’s the nerves about next week and if LG will be ok and not being pregnant anymore but having a baby that’s getting to me a bit! And I think you can get that second pair of slippers for the hospital yes! I did my Christmas shopping on Friday and that what I could net get – stuff that. Some stuff I’ll be buying online from Kalahari and Reggies and they deliver at my door – wish I could buy everything that way, I hate shops.

    Oh last question – will you fairies be coming online when you’re at home now? Love to hear your stories and how you’re doing.

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    Hi there,

    wish i was in your shoes now,I’m 37 weeks and going for my DR’s  appointment today.

     i wish he can induce me,ek is moeg.My back is aching when the baby moves i’m  literally in pain.I was planning to work until 39 weeks cause i wanted to spend more time with the baba at home but now i  want to have this baby now :)

    Anyway at least u have 5 days to go,then u’l have ur LB in ur arms.How many weeks r u now?How much is ur baby weighing according to ur last scan?



    hi D

    Last time doc weighed LB was on about 34 weeks and then he was 2.5kg


    I am 38 weeks 2 days now  and we’re doing the Csec on 39 weeks xactly.

    When is your estimated due date? I really feel better being at home, maybe you should consider  ending work sooner?



    Its sound like you’l be having  a big boy,mine was about 2kg around 34 weeks.

    I’m definatly thinking of moving my leave.my  estimated due date is 23rd Dec if I’m going natural if its csec the dr said 10 or 11th Dec.So i planned my leave using the 23rd as my due date.So today he’l confirm if everything looks okay for natural or if I’m having csec.



    sjoe, jy kry lekker afslag from the 23rd to the 11th. My original date was the 12th.

    You must please update us with what doc said today!

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