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    It’s literally my last few hours at work.

    So I’m taking this opportunity wishing everyone good luck, those almost at the very end, hang in there, soon we’ll be rewarded with our blessed babies.

    Those in the middle somewhere – enjoy the last couple of weeks lying ahead of you.

    Those in the beginning – cherish every moment, it felt like yesterday that I was there and here I am, literally days from delivering my baby. Time goes by way too fast.

    I’ll be popping in from home when I have time but will seriously do some RESTING and spending quality time with LG next week before the delivery.

    Will post my birth story as soon as I get a chance as well!

    Good luck and God bless everyone of you!

    There goes the tears – I’m so emotional now!



    Hi Amy,

    I wish you all the very best with your delivery & pray that it goes smooth for you.

    God bless & take care of yourself.

    Lots of love



    Amy…i just want to thank you for everything and wishing you all the best,infact…there’s no need to wish you the best,everything is going to be great!!!Lord Almighty will be with you.

    so what’s going to happen after birth? r u still going to chat with us?

    we’re going to miss you….

    take care…mwhaaaaa



    I’m so envious Amy,I’m  only finishing work on the 14th Dec will be 39 weeks then.Anyway all the best and looking forward to read your birth story:).I’m not sure if I’l cope cos I’m tired already at 36weeks..but will work from home from 2nd week of Dec

    Enjoy the rest before the little one comes:)



    Geniet dit by die huis! Die rus vir n paar dae en die tydjie saam met jou baba. Dis SOOO vinnig verby.

    Nog net n week dan hou ek ook op werk.

    Alles sal goed gaan! Sien uit daarna om jou “birth story” te hoor.



    I will definitely still be chatting after the birth – everyone of you has a special place in my heart! And I will follow your stories right to the end.

    Thanks everyone for all the best wishes. Love you all!




    I absolutely cannot believe you are at the end.  Just the other day we all announced our pregnancies, literally days and weeks apart.


    Best of luck to you!!!!!  Hope you get some nice resting time in before he’s here.  Enjoy the time off, enjoy the festive season, and enjoy the quality time with your LG… Soon you’re gonna have 2 little boogers running around.


    Cant wait to hear details!  Thinking of you…


    Next week this time it’s my turn to say good bye….

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