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    So I’m well versed in grade 4 Maths and English now?  Hubby is an expert on Social and Natural Science.  Anybody else?



    Ask me anything about Grade 7 history. Causes of the American revolution, Apartheid laws, the origins of democracy…



    Lol  I can’t wait till it’s over, then comes the fun.  What to do with them for the holiday while I still have to work?  Aftercare is closed, and grandparents going away….. bummer.



    Sometimes I wonder how I survived….. in the 12 years I was in school my mom once asked me questions AFTER I studied by myself!? That was in std2 (grade 4) – this was the only time ever someone helped me study….. why is it different these days??

    And how does it make your childs live easier anyway? My little girl is only 2 so I’m not there yet, but is a child not supposed to developed his/her own study method that works for him/her?

    My husband wrote exams recently and we talked about study methods…. the way I studied differs extremely from the way he did…. his brother walked up and down the hall; my cousin made rimes…. hubby wrotes everything down and read it back to himself… a friend of mine just read the handbook in a singing voice -….

    Everyone is different! How can one person “help” another if the other person is supposed to study in a differt way?




    My grade 4 daughter studies on her own, we only ask her questions and/or write out a test for her once she feels she knows the work, and we send her back smartly to study a bit more if we find that actually she doesn’t yet.   Something like spelling words you have to ask.  With the maths you need to check that she understands everything.  She models her study method on the way she has seen me do it.  I believe one needs to help them become independent as soon as possible, but they must also be taught how to study, it doesn’t come naturally.  I might send her on a study methods course next year.



    Oh yes Maria.  I am there too now.  We spent the weekend studying natural science and afrikaans today.  My son has to do some studying on his own and then I test him.  Next year I will be doing grade 4 and 5.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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