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    So my feet is swollen 24 hours of the day. Sometimes more my ankles but mostly my feet itself. And its getting painfull as I cant come to work barefoot?

    Planning on going to the shops this afternoon – hopefully for the last time…. I packed a pair of hubbys plakkies as at least it fits really big & loose.

    I needs vests for baby, slippers for hospital and feeding bra’s. And hubby wants me to buy a dress for Christmas Day – really – what size? With or without a tummy?  But I decided to leave LG at school a little later and try my best today to find all of the above. Then go home and have my feet up with ice on them.

    DH can do the cooking & bathing for one night?????




    Yes, have some “mommy-time”.

    As for the elephant feet – I share your pain. My skin feels tight and too small of all the swelling. Only thing helping for me is when I lie down with my feet in the air on cushions, and that I can’t do all day now can I?





    My feet are already swelling too, it started very early in my pregnancy so I dont want to imagine what it will be like when Im in my last few months!

    The only advise my doc ever gives me is to rest & elevate my feet. I think soaking them in some cool water might also help…



    I am at a point where evening sleeping a whole night dont work!

    My doc said to keep active – going for walks…. I do this a bit, but barefoot….

    Laying down on the couch with my feet higher than my body and with ice on my feet helped once, but try that with a todler around…. she believes mommy is playing, so she either takes the ice or climb on me…. not long before I get up as her jumping on my tummy is not helping at all!

    I’ve tried the water thing – no help.

    So now I think I should go buy cheap black plastic shoes (like crocs but the fake onces) in a mens size (to be bigger) to wear to work next week and around the house if I need shoes thereafter? Only 6 more days to dress for work, so I am really not gonna spend lots of money! And I wear a nr8 shoe normally, so not gonna find a bigger ladies size!

    @VR – good luck! I can only hope yours get better, for you have a while to go. When is your EDD?



    Wow, sounds awful!  My feet only really swell if I’ve been walking the whole day. Sounds so sore!!!!


    Luckily for me Hubby baths LG every night and puts her to bed.  Shame he has been so thoughtful, been cooking whenever he can, does the dishes, and pretty much most of the work when it comes to LG.  I think he’s doing everything he can just so that I can stop moaning! LOL, hahahahahaha!!!!


    Just kidding, he’s so sweet.


    Almost there Annie!  I’m going big this weekend with all the shopping.  Finalising BOTH bedrooms on Saturday, so lots of to look forward to!  and LOTS of work lies ahead…..



    @ Annie – EDD is 21 March 2013…..still a bit of a wait for me.

    Im off to see my OBGYN for my monthly check up.

    Will update you all tomorrow :)

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