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    i think im at a point where i need to make a decision,we’ve married for 2 years now and have a 5 yr old son. Before we got married he cheated, i was hurt but forgave him and we went ahead with the wedding, few months after i discovered he’s still cheating but denied, i let it go life continued. Now im not happy cos i thought situation will change, he does show me he loves me, does not take care of me,is not encouraging me to uplift myself, career wise. When its important days, like birthdays, valentines, fathers day, i always buy him gifts but he doesnt do that when it comes to me, when i need money, i practically have  to beg, whereas when he needs i just give and dont complain, he does take me out, he goes out alone and expect me to stay at home and clean, cook and do laundry, when i go out with my friends he sulks and doesnt speak to me for days. I sacrifice a lot for our home and the only thing I feel he provides, is a roof over our heads, other than that, i buy groceries, pay school fees, buy clothes for our son, pay for my own car and petrol. This is not the life imagined for myself, I feel trapped, unhappy, and I feel he’s using me as a stepping stone for his advancements, at this point i regret getting married at that time, i feel i should have called off the wedding so he could appreciate me, cos he’s taking advantage that i always forgive him:-(



    Phoenix, I know exactly the kind of pain you feel right now, when your partner doesnt appreciate you its really draining and its so unfortunate that he will only realise your value, when you are far away from him. The decision is with you my dear, we can give our opinions and all the suggestions as much as we can but the decision maker will be you. My suggestion is for you to consult by praying, ask God to give you sign for the direction you need to take or decision you must take, believe me he will show you the way especially if you honest and truthful to him. He will deliver you from evil girl and dont giveup your life because you still have so much to leave for, even if you dont get any complements or motivation from your husband but you must be your own motivator girl, and tell yourself that whatever you want to achieve, you will achieve with or without his complements or blessings. God will hear your prayers  sisi, put your trust in him.

    I will pray for you.



    Hi Phoenix Are there any signs that he is still cheating? If there is than I suggest you let him go and move on with your life. It’s not worth it to stay in a marriage that’s one sided and only for the benefit of the child. You need to sit him down and explain to him how you feel and inform him that you want to make this work but if he is not willing to work on his short falls than you not willing to continue with this marriage. It’s not worth it to work for someone who only supply accommodation and who don’t encourage you to advance in your career, miss all the important dates in your life and whom you have to support financially. A marriage involves 2 people and to me it sounds like he’s selfish and only has his own feelings at heart.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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