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    What are you all getting for your little ones for christmas?

    I am struggling to come up with ideas for my 2.5 year old. Everytime we try to write Father Christmas a letter asking for what he wants, it is “a purple car” andthen i go and? and he goes ” ummm, another purple car”???

    The 5 month old girl, i am just going to get some baby toys, bath toys and some clothes she needs. She is too young to know really – but what about my boy, all he wants are cars and he has so many already!!


    help please?



    A multistory car park for his cars?  Complete with ramp for launching?  Do you have a handyman kind of person in your family or circle of friends?  :-)



    Love that idea Maria!


    Especially if he already has so many cars, perhaps something to display them all in.  Good thinking!



    Thanks Maria, you aren’t going to believe this, but last night i spoke to my dad about what we can get him, and my dad’s suggestion was that we make him a “town” with petrol station ect, car parks, schools, shops and roads. So that is going to be my dad and my task over the next few weeks for his christams gift.



    @SR That sounds like a marvellous gift that will be remembered and passed on to the next generation.



    Oh yes car park is very good Idea.   Bought my boy one about a year ago (hes now 3.5 years)  And he plays with it almost everyday.  My 5 year old girl also loves it:-)

    Mega blocks is also always a winner.  My kids have lego box and megablock box and every birthday or christmas someone somewhere buy them a set and they play with it daily.

    My 5 year old gets a Hairdresser barbie and my 3 year old boy gets Spiderman lego

    I also ask my boy what do you want and it’s the same.  They want one thing and that’s it.!

    I don’t think my 5 year old was ever surprised about her present.  She always knows what she want and I always end up buying just that as her heart is set on it (as long as it’s reasonable though)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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