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    My house worker talked to me this morning her child a girl age 9 is loosing weight extremely fast then she is all of a sudden fine for 2 or 3 weeks and it starts again what do you suggest I do to help her or could someone please give me a reason for this happening to her . The clinic she went to tells her it is maybe an allergy but this just don’t sound right to me at all.



     It could be that she has worms that is taking the nutrition.  I am not an expert in this, but I have read that people can lose weight if they have especially a tape worm.



    Does the child have any other symptoms? Sudden weight loss could also point to type one diabetes (other symptoms could include fatigue, constant thirst and frequent urination). Or if she coughs a lot and has night sweats, it could, of course, also point to something such as TB.



    try to give him healthy food



    There may be something wrong. It may be allergy or some other healthy problem.

    She should consult with doctor and take proper treatment for this weight loss otherwise it will become serious health complication.

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