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    Hi Ladies;

    My 9 month old baby gets car sick. She can not keep anything down liquid or solid.

    We are leaving for Durban in the early hours of Monday morning possibly at 4am, is there anything I can do to help prevent her from getting car sick? Perhaps something like Rescue Remedy – can I give that to her or is still too young?

    Your help will be appreciated.




    Shame, poor LO, that’s terrible.  You will have to ask at the pharmacy if there is any medication you can give to a baby.  Make sure she has something in her tummy before you start out, I’ve found that I get worse carsick on a completely empty stomach.  It also helps to look out at the horizon, pity you can’t explain that to a LO.  I’ve seen bands in bigger pharmacies that you fasten around your wrists, not sure how that works but it’s maybe worth investigating.



    My baby also used to get car sick, and it only got better when she was moved to bigger seat so that she could look out of the window. The anti-nausea bands that you buy from the pharmacy worked for her. Just follow the instructions, there is a plastic part that must press on the right spot on her wrist.

    I stay in Joburg, and I used to drop her every morning in Pretoria, and every day she would throw up in the car until I got the bands.



    Thanks for your advise Ladies, definitely something worth investigating those arm bands. Will see what I can get :)



    Hi Sherry, I bought those bands for my daughter of 7yrs and it works like a dream!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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