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    This might not strictly be parenting, but I do feel different about it since I’m a parent. Would love to hear what your opinion on this is.

    Since I was very small I always had dreams that I would one day die in an accident between a bike and a truck. It is something that went on for years, and I still get this cold feeling whenever I just drive past a truck. Despite this as a teenager I went on lots of trips on the back of my brothers bike and really enjoyed it.

    I could see the fun in it, but also the danger, and when I got married my husband shared my feeling that bikes are very very dangerous. You might not be in an accident, but if you are the chances are very big that you’ll be seriously hurt or dead. He went as far as convincing some of his cousins that wanted to get bikes not to buy bikes. Even though I knew the dangers if someone invited me for a bike trip I would’ve said yes, but since my first was born I would not even consider it.

    Then last year husband decided to get a scooter to get to work. That was to skip traffic, and save petrol, and if I get caught in traffic he could get home fast, take his car and fetch the kids. But since he got the scooter he’s become obsessed with bikes and nowadays that is all he wants to talk about and it’s all he’s interested in. At first he started nagging me that if he gets a bigger bike that I must ride with him. I said no, because what if we are in an accident and we both die together. Then he said he’ll ride the bike and I can ride his scooter for which I replied I just don’t want to.

    Now it has escalated where he says I have to get a bike of my own to travel my 170km to work and back (85km one way). If I don’t he refuses to help out with money, and said I’m never again allowed to complain about my petrol or the long distance I have to travel and he would also not help out with the kids if I’m stuck in traffic because it would be my own fault for not having a bike.

    How do you feel about bikes?



    No offence, but, to refuse to help you with money because you don’t want a bike or not help out with the kids is blackmail.  

    I hate bikes.  Rode passed an accident one day where a man came off a bike.  His body was on one side of the road, his head on the other side. 

    I hope my son never develops a taste for bikes.  I’t s not to say anyone will have an acciednt, on a bike and die, but, you are just so much more vulnerable on a bike than you are in a car. 

    Good luck.



    I have had my scooter for 7 years, without even a fall, but I drive very carefully. I would never recommend a bike for any youngster. You really have to be mature enough to realize the danger being on a bike on South African roads. The motorists and taxis drive like crazy, and are not bike aware at all.. My advice, if you are scared of riding a bike, just don’t do it ! I don’t know where you live and work, but travelling 170 km per day is a lot  for us in Cape Town.. If your husband really loves you, he will never force you to travel that distance on a bike each day..




    I have been riding bikes since 1977, legally since 1981.

    While I love the freedom that comes with riding there is no way that I would force anybody to ride by themselves or with me.

    How can you possibly force freedom.

    Ask any biker, someone who is not comfortable on a bike is a funeral waiting to happen!



    Firstly, I know it’s difficult. I have been riding bikes for many years, and yes there have been times where I was irresponsible, but over the last few years I have learned (sometimes hard), that if you do not respect the bike, you will learn the hard way. Remember, the vehicle is a tool. Abuse it, and  you will pay the price.

    Unfortunately, there are the few that destroy the image of the many. There are SO many bikers that commute every day, and it is still one of the most effective forms of transport in SA.

    I have done about 100 000 km’s on bikes, and the time saving has been really good. I enjoy the feeling of riding – so much so that going to work and back (about 100 kms/day), is actually a fun thing to do.

    The only real piece of advice I can offer you is: Don’t let your fears rule you. If I read between the lines, you actually enjoy biking, but have a fear seeing yourself in the same predicament as an idiot rider who takes himself out by doing 120+ in a 60 zone, or brags about 200+ on the road. These are speeds reserved for the track, and as long as you are vigilant, there is no reason NOT to commute on a scoot.

    Feel free to browse the Think Bike forums and see the number of people who are just like you. An average person, just trying to save money in their daily commute.


    Bike Safe.

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    Hi there

    My husband and myself belong to a biker club and we just love riding.  I have my own bike and recently got my learners and took riding lessons.  I have taken my bike out on the road twice so I am a newbie and im enjoying the new experience beside being a pillion which i have been for a good few years now.  My son is 18 and he has his own bike and rides to and from gym and to his friends and also enjoys riding.  As a parent you always worry about their safety.  As long as you obey the road rules and respect your bike and keep a good eye out for other drivers you should be just fine.

    It should be your choice to want to ride a bike and nobody has the right to force you into doing something you dont want to do.  :)

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