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    Need some advice here. 4 year old was stung by a bee at school on Friday. When I picked her up there was a very small swollen spot that looked very normal. She was also not complaining about it, but later that evening it started swelling up more. Then by Saturday afternoon  it was about 7cm’s across, red, swollen and hot to the touch. She complained that it was sore but when I gave Allergex she’d forget about the bite.

    Yesterday (Sunday) the same, but not getting worse.  The idea was if it wasn’t better by today my parents would take her to the dr. Then during the night she threw up, and she had a fever of 40.5!!! Gave meds and cooled her with a washcloth and fever went down. I thought this morning the bite area was a bit less red, not hot to the touch, but still a big area that was slightly red. So took her to my parents because of the throwing up and they phoned now, and said that they bite looks a lot better, her temp is 38, and she hasn’t been sick again. Big question, do they still take her or not?

    It’s definately not a bee allergy where she can’t breathe etc, but it is some kind of reaction, maybe infection. She is allergic to mosquito bites, and get big sores from that and I’m very scared of the same thing happening here.



    Not all bee allergy reactions is the same!

    It could be a “vertraagde reaksie” whatever that is in english….

    Hope you can read Afrikaans, because I dont know how to put all this in english-too early on a monday –

    Dit kan ook wees dat die angel nie reg uitgehaal is nie en daaqr meer gif as normaalweg in haar ingekom het – mens krap dit weg met n nael of n mes en druk nooit aan die angel nie. Afhangende van wat die by eet is sommige ook meer of minder giftig.

    How old is your child? I would have given some fever-medicine (ponstan / panado or whatever you know works for your child) and also more allergex (or celestamine if youve got) If you can break her fever its fine. If the fever dont break – rather take her to the doctor, the fewer can even be due to something else than the bee sting!!?

    However, put some ointment on the sting (germoline is good enough) at least so it stop itcing – as sy nie krap nie sal dit minder rooi en opgeswel lyk!


    Good luck!



    Yes, I’m Afrikaans as well so I understood.

    I tried some other creams that are specific for stings, and then I tried Germolene as well, and the Germolene seems to have been working the best so far.

    The fever and throwing up could very well be from something else, because I had a stomach bug last week, and she could’ve gotten that from me as well.



    If she’s improving then I wouldn’t bother taking her to the doc, but maybe you should speak to the doc and ask what you should do in future if she gets stung by a bee.



    Are you sure it was a bee and not a spider bite?



    I was also wondering if it wasn’t maybe another bite. Maybe even a wasp bite. She insists that she saw the bee, but then she freaked out before with a fly saying that it’s a bee, so I can’t go on her word alone.

    She ended up going to the dr, but he said not to worry, and just gave some Cetaphil cream. He was also not worried about her fever (kept on going up over 40) and the vomiting. She ended up sleeping the whole Monday, straight through the night as well. I kept on cooling her and just watched the fever, and Tuesday she woke up feeling fine, no fever, no vomiting. Her leg is still red, but not swollen anymore.




    Glad to hear it better now at least.

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