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    Hi ladies,

    Im a little irritated & frustrated this morning. DH & i decided to take a small break in December as sort of a “babymoon” & our last chance to spend some alone time together before the baby comes & guess what………….my MIL guilted DH into taking her with us!!!!!

    Nothing has been confirmed about her coming yet, but Im so annoyed at the fact that DH is even considering taking her.

    This holiday was supposed to be about us & sharing quality time together.

    Am I just being unreasonable or am I justified in the way Im feeling?



    Tell him you’ll rather take her with when you go on first holiday with baby – then you’ll have a babysitter around?


    I would have been extremely annoyed too!



    Oh I would have blown my top. This is your last alone time together! Surely he must understand that.

    Sit him down and explain him calmly your thoughts – men do think different from us.



    You are soooo justified… hope you can get him to change his mind.



    There is a time and a place for everything…. And this aint the time for mother dearest to worm her way in!


    You have to unfortunately tell hubby how you feel, otherwise he will never be able to fix it.  Tell him how excited you are to be getting some quality time with him alone!  Also, I like the suggestion where you can say that you would rather prefer they come with when baby is here, that way you guys can all spend quality time with baby!



    Thanks ladies….Im still  so bothered about this whole thing. What was supposed to be a quiete drive with just the 2 of us is becoming a nightmare.

    Im almost thinking of cancelling the whole thing…



    Just saw this post now VR. I hope in the meantime hubby has realised that it’s your last chance for some alone time for a while. Either way, hope you enjoy this last period of peace and enjoy growing that baby.



    Good news is that he has not mentioned it again & I also am quiet about it & we’ve carried on planning our trip for just the 2 of us so I think Im safe for now :)



    Oh thank goodness! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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