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    Hi Mommies;

    I could desperately use you help and advise this morning. I’m a wreck!!!

    This morning my baby girl who is 11 months old today, fell down the stairs this morning. I know some people may judge me, but she was in her walking ring and the neighbours little girl ran out my front door and left the door open and my baby went flying off 2 steps – fell on her head! My husband saw this happen and screamed and I ran immediately to help her. She was crying and screaming for a while. I gave her some panado for the pain and to help calm her. Took her straight to the doctor.

    Now we have a new doctor in town. I was not happy with him at all! He was just so cold and didn’t show emotion at all. He had a look at her and said she was fine. But I’m not happy with his opinion at all. Unfortunately we stay in a small town with only 1 doctor and the nearest hospital is an hours drive away.

    Now the doctor said that not all the symptoms of head injuries show immediately. So he said that I need to watch her closely for the next 48 hours.

    Any advise? I feel terrible, not being there to watch this happen. I feel like the worlds worst mother…

    On the other hand, should I confront the neighbours mother? What do I say, I feel so mad. In other instances, that little is a terror. Comes into my home without knocking, messes up my other littles room and refuses to clean up after her. Eventually I said to her yesterday that she is not allowed to come and play if she does not clean up after herself.

    Thanks ladies



    Hi Sherry,

    I would worry to much about your child. We forget that they are actually quite tough and can handle a lot. So i believe your daughter will be fine. If she were to have anything serious it would of happened rather quickly.


    So try not to beat yourself up to much about it, accidents happen and trust me it will still happen. ok :)


    As for the friend, good on you. I end up closing my daughters room when having friends over because they just mess and not clean up.



    Unfortunately kids fall on their heads, and it is going to happen at some stage. Watch out for vomiting, being lethargic for a long time, changes in their personality (even such a small baby you can see), bleeding from the ear or pupil sizes that stays small.

    I had such a scare over the holidays. 19 month old didn’t want to nap in his cot. Said that he wanted to doodoo with his sister who was watching a DVD in her room. Put him down on her bed with a bottle, while he pretended to sleep. I stepped outside to clean the living room and when I turned around he was almost on top of the bunk bed…then he let go and fell head first onto an oil heater that was standing in her room.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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