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    Hi ladies

    I’m new here and want to know if there’s a possibility of me being pregnant?

    i was on the injection and stoped using it in October last year and had my periods normally since then but this month we were busy as we’re trying for our 2nd baby and i had ovulation around the 1st Jan and did a preg test around the 11th and nothing:( however was i due to ovulate again on the 25th Jan and i still haven’t seen my periods but have this feeling like they’re gonna come and a massive headache…..please help



    I’m not a lady, but those tests neve lie. Get another test. If that does not shoe, you may show a very well known phenomena. Some women so desperately want to get pregnant that they start showing symptoms (I’m not saying you are nuts). Its very common, else go see a doc (hate me or not).




    Hi Princcwe,

    Have your period arrived yet?

    Remember that early pregnancy signs is a nearly the same as the signs before your next period is due – very confusing and this is why (ferdiel) a lot of women is confused. Put the stress of wishing to be pregnant with period signs and it is just a little more intense and it often cause confusion.

    Myself – many months I have wondered if I may be pregnant, but the 3 times this was true I was quite sure just after ovulation – no definitate signs as much as a sixth sense.

    AND – with al three pregnancies my urine test showed a negative (even though I was a few days late already) but the blood test were positive.

    Good luck. Keep us updated whether you are pregnant. Annd good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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