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    Hi Moms

    Need your opinion.  My 9y old son just loves being sick/injured etc.  And unfortunately – he is the healthiest child ever and his little injuries are always very superficial.  I realize that he likes the ATTENTION that comes from the ‘injury/sickness’ rather than actually being hurt or sick.  He needs ALOT of attention.

    I fell and hurt my knee a while ago and was on crutches.  He asked if he can borrow my crutches and a bandages and he wants to go to school with a fake injury.  Now I am in two minds.  In a way it is just pretend and not in itself a big thing.  But on the other hand – he will have to tell a lie everytime someone asks him what happened – and I dont like that.

    What do you think?  (Yes, I told him the story about the little boy who cried wolf)




    Morning BMJ!  I was just thinking how much I’m missing this community, none of the old forum’s regulars seem to be posting any more.

    Oh I also have one of those – my daughter is very kleinserig en just looooves making a big drama out of the slightest little thing that is wrong with her. The result of this is that we tend to ignore her unless it goes on for quite long, and sometimes she might actually be sick for a day before we pay attention.  Tough really, she brought that on herself.

    I agree with your reasoning about telling lies and wouldn’t allow it.  It’s different if he is just play acting at home.



    I agree with Maria. Play acting at home is okay, but not outside. The kids at school will find out he’s lying, and for the rest of his school going life he would be branded a such.

    We have the same problem at home where we never now if daughter is actually hurt,  or just making a scene for nothing. Even the 1 year old now comes to me and shows his foot while saying ‘Eina, eina’. Then when I kiss his eina he just laughs and laughs.



    Thanks girls. Appreciate your thoughts!  Helped me to see that I am not just being a fun killer mom



    I 100% agree with what everyone has said. At home it’s fun and playacting, but once you allow him to go into the world it becomes a lie. You also maybe don’t want to encourage him to enjoy the attention of illness too much. Your instincts are good.


    The listener

    Yes. It is wrong to even allow a child to play sick/injured. As ” Maria” said, sometimes a day goes bye before they pay attention.What if it is something serious? Teach them at a young age that it is wrong to fake an illness or an injury.Rather be strict about it now than crying later.

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